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Creating jobs through investment & fairer taxation policies in Ireland and Europe

  • Prioritising an economic stimulus programme, investing in capital and people, with job creation as the primary target of policy
  • A Financial Transaction Tax on bankers & speculators
  • Ensuring fairness in the Irish Corporate Tax system – multinationals based in Ireland who avail of our already low 12.5% corporate tax should actually pay that rate of tax to assist our budgetary problems.
  • An EU wide commitment to tackle the critical issue of global tax avoidance and evasion

A democratic and transparent Europe

  • Human rights, enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, must be guaranteed throughout the EU by every government
  • Transparency in political decision making and stronger regulation of lobbyists and freedom of information legislation

Public Health & Food Safety

  • Ring-fencing frontline services to protect the most vulnerable
  • Positive mental health strategies & community based primary mental health services
  • Greater EU supports for research and prevention of chronic illness, cancer and heart disease
  • Prioritising food safety and stronger food labelling to protect European and Irish producers and consumer health

Environment and Animal Welfare

  • Supporting strong EU laws to protect the environment, backed up with a strong EU budget for environmental projects and to increase awareness about climate change and biodiversity
  • Work to ensure that animals are recognised as sentient beings in all legislation that comes before the Parliament and strive to ensure all existing animal welfare related legislation is properly enforced


  • Building and protecting Ireland’s positive neutrality, and supporting a strong UN peacekeeping role
  • EU trade agreements must protect third countries and must not weaken EU citizens’ current rights such as labour laws, environmental protection, and food safety regulations
  • Keeping climate change and climate justice at the top of EU global policy agenda