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This page contains details of staff based in Brussels and Dublin, their roles and responsibilities.

Brussels Office

Mario Miguel Monteiro De Sa

Accredited parliamentary assistant and Brussels office manager. Responsible for coordinating and advising on EU policy and parliamentary press related activity, Mario focuses on EU economic policy, EU public health and consumer policy and EU environmental issues. He graduated in International Relations from Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal, and has been working in the European Parliament since 2008. Mario speaks Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and has been stuck in elementary German for the best of the past decade.

Gabriella Giovinchi

Accredited parliamentary assistant and follows the parliament’s Womens’ Rights and Gender Equality Committee. Gabriella graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2012 with a MA (Hons) in French and Spanish, and in 2013 graduated with a MSc in Translation and Conference Interpreting Studies from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.  Gabriella has a wide portfolio of public service translation and interpreting work in the community and public health sector, including voluntary working for NGOs on overseas development. Gabriella speaks English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Dublin Office

Maggie Pym

Office Manager, with responsibility for financial management (expenditure, compliance and transparency), information budget expenditure, human resources, event management, group visits to the European Parliament and project specific statistical analysis. With extensive experience in the private sector she has a B.Sc Mgt (Law) from Trinity College Dublin and an M.A in Political Communications from Dublin City University.

In line with the rules of the European Parliament I do not employ members of my family.