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This page provides information on my salary, with details of the various allowances and expenses paid directly to me in my role as an elected member of the European Parliament.


Salary, allowances and expenses


I received a salary of €97,401.30 in 2015 paid from the Parliament’s budget. Following deduction of Irish taxes and European Community taxes, the net amount is €58,368.00

Personal Expenses

MEPs are refunded the actual cost of travel between their member state and either the Parliament in Brussels or Strasbourg (2015 travel costs incurred- fully vouched totalled €18,036.84); and also receive vouched travel allowances based on the distance and duration of travel from their member state (€12,849.90 in 2015). MEPs also receive €306.00 per day, for each day they attend Parliament, this pays for accommodation in Brussels and Strasbourg (a total of €48,042.00 in 2015).

Note: reduction in vouched travel costs from previous years attributed to introduction of Brussels- Dublin flights by Ryanair.

Staff Costs

In 2015 the total costs associated to the employ of three staff, one intern and an approved paying agent (accountant) including all PRSI payments and European Parliament charges was €230,000.

Accredited assistants, based in Brussels or Strasbourg are paid directly by Parliament’s administration, under the conditions of employment for non-permanent EU staff. Local Assistants based in MEPs’ Member States are handled by qualified paying agents. This guarantees full revenue compliance regarding tax and social security arrangements.

Office Expenses

MEPs also receive an office allowance of €4,320.00 per month which pays for all constituency based office expenses including advertising, training, constituency meetings (venue hire and refreshments where necessary), constituency vehicle insurance, taxation and maintenance, parking/ toll fees, newspapers, press subscriptions, stationary and postage, office equipment, office general expenditure, mobile and landline telephone bills. Funds received totalled €51,840.00, and expenditure totalled €31,113.09.

Health Insurance Contribution

I received a monthly payment of €151.72 for Health Insurance.

Tax Compliance

The application and processing for eTax Clearance applications is in electronic format since 1/1/16. One of the key changes from paper tax clearance to eTax Clearance is that an eTax Clearance certificate will be reviewed, and can be rescinded (or withdrawn) where a taxpayer is found to be non-compliant with their obligations.  Previously tax clearance certificates were issued for periods up to 12 months, and could not be withdrawn even when the taxpayer became non-compliant within that 12-month period. With electronic tax clearance, real-time ongoing review means that a taxpayer’s clearance certificate can be rescinded if his or her tax affairs are not kept in order. As of the 21st June 2016 my tax affairs continue to be fully compliant as evidenced by my e-Tax Clearance Confirmation.