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World Press Freedom Day: fake news & how to spot it #PressFreedom2017

Newsocracy newspaper

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Wednesday 3 May 2017

World Press Freedom Day is marked every year on 3 May, but there is little reason to celebrate as journalists continue to be repressed and persecuted all over the world. This year MEPs are discussing the growing threat of disinformation. Check out the parliament’s handy guide on how to spot fake news: World Press Freedom Day: fake news and how to spot it
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Addressing inequities in cancer prevention – calling for HPV vaccination for boys & girls #HPVAware


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Tuesday 25 Apr 2017

Nessa Childers MEP says politicians can provide leadership in helping to address ‘fake news’ in vaccine safety. “Politicians have to be part of the solution” she said.

Ms Childers was speaking at a seminar she co-hosted with Karin Kadenbach MEP, in partnership with the HPV Coalition. Held in the European Parliament today to discuss why we need to make the HPV vaccine available to both boys and girls. Speakers included Dr. Robert O’Connor of the Irish Cancer Society. Read More