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EU Parliament to probe glyphosate scandal and pesticides decision-making

Press Release

Thursday 18 Jan 2018

Nessa Childers, MEP for Dublin, welcomed today’s decision to clear the way for a special committee to probe the EU’s decision-making process on pesticide approval, in the wake of the Monsanto Papers’ scandal.

The leadership of the European Parliament’s political groups has decided to support the establishment of a special committee on pesticides on foot of pressure from progressive representatives and civil society groups.

The proposal will now be put to a vote at the February plenary session during the week of Monday 5th.

Speaking from Strasbourg after today’s announcement, Ms. Childers, a member of Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, said:

“The revelations of Monsanto’s manoeuvring to influence the scientific assessment of glyphosates and ensure the renewal of its EU authorisation mean that we need to reassess how the EU does its own work in this field.

“This probe will enable us to examine not only how the European Food Safety Agency and the European Chemicals Agency have discharged their responsibilities to assess the safety of glyphosates but also how pesticides are allowed into the EU markets in general.

“This is crucial for the environment and our citizens’ health. It is no less important in terms of public trust in our institutions and in the evidence they seek to inform the decisions they make on our behalf.”


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