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Childers joins European Parliament Interest Group on Digestive Health


Thursday 7 Dec 2017

Digestive diseases are responsible for around one million deaths each year in Europe across all ages. Digestive cancers are the leading cause of cancer-related death in Europe. As the European population ages, the burden of digestive diseases will grow inevitably. Nonetheless, many digestive diseases are still poorly understood and attract relatively little attention from the policy perspective.

The Interest Group brings together MEPs that are enthusiastic about promoting digestive health at the EU level and beyond and promotes related EU policy initiatives. The Group fosters the health literacy regarding digestive diseases and strengthens the competence of people to manage their (digestive) health It serves as a platform for exchange between the scientific community and policy makers for this purpose. The main goal of the Interest Group is to ensure that improving digestive health will become an integral part of the future EU health agenda.

The Interest Group creates awareness on treatment, prevention and the socio-economic burden of digestive diseases. It fosters the understanding of the causes of these conditions and the persons affected by them.

Topics to be addressed by the Interest Group

  • Prevention & treatment of digestive diseases: Ensuring equitable access to quality prevention and treatment, eliminating disparities between Eastern and Western Europe,
  • Digestive cancers: implementation of quality controlled screening programmes across Europe; increasing standards in cancer care
  • Mitigation of alcohol related harm
  • Nutrition, obesity and lifestyle factors
  • Digestive diseases in children
  • Social and economic costs of (chronic) digestive diseases (work abstention, loss of productivity, active and healthy ageing)
  • EU Research policies: EU funding into digestive health

The Interest Group will be launched on the occasion of the World Digestive Health Day in May 2018 with an event at the European Parliament. It will function throughout the length of the current parliamentary term.

Leadership of the European Parliament Interest Group on Digestive Health

CHAIR MEP Pavel Poc (S&D, CZ)

CO-CHAIR: MEP Nessa Childers (S&D, IE)

CO-CHAIR: MEP Michèle Rivasi (Greens, FR)

CO-CHAIR: MEP Jean Marinescu (EPP, RO)