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MEPs support European peace initiative in the context of the two-state solution


Monday 3 Jul 2017

The EU should play a leading role in the promotion of a just peace between Israel and the Palestinians that is based on international law – and we will only begin on the path towards peace with a two-state solution. Therefore I was very pleased to support the European Parliament resolution adopted in May, supporting the two-state solution in the Middle East and calling for EU action.

The ongoing conflict in the region is of deep concern to Irish people and I receive many emails from constituents expressing dismay at the ongoing violence. People want to know what the European Parliament is doing to address human rights violations and question EU Israel relations – and I have gathered together the following links to media releases to provide an overview of  our work in this complex policy area.


Written question to Vice-President/High Representative Federica Mogherini regarding Nation-state bill in Israeli Knesset

S&Ds call for EU initiative for two-state solution in the Middle East

European Parliament resolution on achieving the two-state solution in the Middle East

EU must suspend EU Israel Association agreement

EU must do more to held Israel and Palestine out of a spiral of senseless violence

Statement from the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

Israel Palestine Relations – summary of European Parliament activity

An ad hoc delegation for relations with the Palestinian Authority