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Promoting sun safety for workers #SunSafeWork


Tuesday 20 Jun 2017

This week (June 20 to 22nd 2017) the European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology in Europe (EADV) joined MEPs against Cancer to launch their exhibition on skin cancer.  EADV seeks to build support for action to protect the 14.5 million outdoor workers in the EU who are twice as likely to get non-melanoma skin cancer from occupational UV exposure.

Skin cancer is outdoor workers’ number one enemy and the event titled #SunSafeWork aims to raise awareness among employers and legislators. While people are aware of sun risk, its very important to have appropriate legislation to protect outdoor workers.

Over the course of the exhibition, anyone can sign up for a free ‘instant skin check’ and full body skin screenings with dermatologists in the PHS building, and here there will be dermatologists on hand and available to answer any questions you may have and material for you to take away.

Most of us associate sun exposure to spending holidays on a sunny beach a few weeks out of the year, but what if your job entailed being outdoors for most of the day? Sadly, this means double the risk for outdoor workers of developing non-melanoma skin cancer compared to the general population.

Some of the ways in which we could hopefully see a decrease in incidents and also raise awareness would be if preventative measures were put in place so outdoor workers had more information and could also avail of protective clothing. Also, if UV induced non-melanoma types of skin cancers were to be classed and recognised as occupational diseases.

These are just some of the points I wished to highlight from the EADV Call to Action to Protect Outdoor Workers from Solar UV Radiation. This Call to Action is of vital importance and we hope to raise its profile in our respective Member States. For more information please follow this link:

EADV & Parliament Magazine Special on Protecting Europe’s Outdoor Workers from Skin Cancer