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Saturday 10 Jun 2017

If you are interested in taking part in an internship in the European Parliament or the other institutions in Brussels the following links will help you get an idea of the many opportunities available.


The Parliament also offer different programmes which you could consider, for example:


These sorts of Internship opportunities tend to be paid which is of huge assistance too for rents, living expenses too.

The European Movement Green Book also has a lot of leads with regarding the different organisations in Brussels and it might be worth making contact with some of these to see what positions might be available.


If you decide at any stage to look into working full time too in Brussels this is the link to the Parliaments recruitment service:


If you follow this link you can register with the EPSO and be kept up to date regarding all recruitment on offer in Brussels/ Strasbourg, it that is where you would especially like to work when you finish your degree- it gives you an indication of the broad range of jobs available there too:

This link will show you the kinds of positions currently on offer:  http://europa.eu/epso/index_en.htm

The Group of Progressive Alliance of Socalists and Democrats in the European Parliament

The S&D Group offers many traineeship opportunities to involve young people in the work of the S&D Group and the European Parliament and to promote the integration of citizens across Europe. All our trainees receive a grant and working opportunities include monitoring the work of parliamentary committees, working with the press team, participating in the S&D Group’s events, etc.