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Childers rejects EU Commission’s money laundering blacklist

Press Release

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Nessa Childers, MEP for Dublin, voted to reject a proposed European Commission blacklist of countries prone to money laundering risks.

This was the second time Ms. Childers contributed to sending the Commission back to the drawing board and come up with an adequate listing of jurisdictions which must be subject to stricter financial controls in the EU.

Speaking from Strasbourg after today’s plenary vote in the European Parliament, Ms. Childers said:

“We have empowered the Commission with determining which jurisdictions warrant enhanced surveillance under EU legislation tackling money laundering and terrorist financing.

“This came with an expectation of action by the Commission, so we do not want to see it merely doing a copy-paste job from the assessments of loose intergovernmental bodies which need to put diplomacy ahead of effectiveness.

“The exclusion of Panama from this list is just one of the most glaring omissions that speak volumes about the Commission’s approach. It’s hard to understand how this third version of the EU’s blacklist was presented to MEPs with a serious expectation that we’d rubber stamp it.

“We have the means to conduct an independent, expert-based EU evaluation to create an EU list that is effective in the combat against corruption, financial crime and terrorist financing.

“That’s what our citizens expect of us and that is what we have to deliver.”