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Action on globalisation needed to protect workers

Press Release

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Nessa Childers MEP, Independent, said that action on globalisation was needed to protect workers.

Ms Childers was speaking following a debate in Strasbourg on the European Commission’s paper on the future of European Integration, where MEPs said workers rights and action on climate change & tax evasion are under immense pressure due globalisation.

“Globalisation puts pressure on jobs, wages and standards, while also feeding populism. During the debate many MEPs also called for better protection for EU industry and workers and urged the EU to take the driving seat in promoting fair global trade.

“For many globalisation has not brought improvements in their lives.  But instead has seriously undermined democracy, social rights and the environment.  My political group also wants a fair tax system that would not allow big companies to avoid paying their fair share. ”

Note: Debate on the future of European Integration

 The Commission is publishing five reflection papers until the end of June as a starting point for a debate on the future of European integration. Each paper is dedicated to a specific theme: Europe’s social dimension, globalisation, the economic and monetary union, defence and finances. The papers contain ideas and scenarios for what Europe could be like in 2025, but no specific proposals. The initiative finishes in mid-September when Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker delivers his annual state of the union address.