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Island of Ireland owes great debt to Martin McGuinness

Press Release

Tuesday 21 Mar 2017

Following the announcement of the death of former deputy first minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness, MEP Nessa Childers said:  “We owe a great debt to Martin McGuinness and the times we are living in now will amplify that.”

“My thoughts are with his family today, and I offer them my sincerest condolences on their loss.

“Martin McGuinness embodied all that was positive about Derry and the Bogside, and he made the important journey from IRA leader to leader of the peace process and Good Friday Agreement.

“A formidable statesman he never lost touch with where he was from, and kept the concerns of the ordinary people of Ireland North and South central to his work and decision making.

“Like all great leaders his influence will be sorely missed, but his legacy will dominate not only Sinn Fein but live on through the architecture of the Good Friday Agreement.”