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Europe must stand up to the darkness of Trump’s regime – Childers

Press Release

Thursday 2 Feb 2017

Dublin MEP Nessa Childers condemned without reservation US President Trump’s travel ban aimed at refugees and immigrants from overwhelmingly Muslim countries.

Speaking from Brussels yesterday after the matter was urgently discussed at a plenary session of the European Parliament, Ms. Childers said:

“President Trump’s executive order offends our basic notions of legality, decency and humanity.

“It is not only morally wrong but also counterproductive from the perspective of the goals it purports to achieve.

“By giving free reign to some of the most outrageous sound-bites he uttered while on campaign mode, Mr. Trump has quickly disproved those who thought the assumption of public office would tame the man.

“Past historical examples point to the very opposite outcome, and cast a dark shadow on our immediate future.

“Europe owes it to itself and to America, which we share so many fundamental values with, to forcefully reject the hateful logic behind this decision.

“My political grouping in the European Parliament, the Socialists and Democrats, has today proposed the rejection of the credentials of Ted Malloch, President Trump’s putative appointee ambassador to the EU, who is avowedly keen to do its part to destroy the Union.

“In such extraordinary times, I find myself in agreement with such an extraordinary measure.”