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Robust debate required in advance of vote for next President of the European Parliament

Press Release

Thursday 24 Nov 2016

Speaking about the election of the next President of the European Parliament in January 2017, Independent MEP Nessa Childers said her vote will go to the person with the strongest policy platform. “Instead of talking in the abstract terms about the European project, I would like to see a debate that centres on the reality of people’s lives.”

“There will also be a lot of interest in the internal politics behind this race.  But I have decided that I will not engage in any discussion of prior inter-group agreements. Focusing on back room deals and personalities distracts from the issues that affect voters, and that my is priority.

“About my support, I will look for the most progressive candidate, based on their record. That will be the one who backs a social Europe with strong policies to protect essential services and the environment. I want a candidate who will work for an end to the Austerity agenda.”


The President of the European Parliament