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MEPs support Parliament of Wallonia vote to reject #CETA

Press Release

Monday 24 Oct 2016

Last week the Wallonia regional government in Belgium voted to reject CETA, the EU Canada free trade agreement. This rejection halts the Belgium national government’s support for the deal. As CETA must have the full support of all EU member states, this vote has major consequences. Copied below is the open letter sent by 88 MEPs to the Minister-President of Wallonia, Paul Magnette, and the Parliament of Wallonia in support of their vote against CETA.

Brussels, 19th October 2016

To the attention of Mr Minister-President of Wallonia, Paul Magnette, and the Parliament of Wallonia

Dear Mr Minister-President and Members of the Parliament of Wallonia,

As Progressive Members of the European Parliament, we would like to express our full support to your opposition to CETA.

This agreement has been negotiated behind closed doors without the consultation of elected representatives of citizens and raises many democratic issues. Beyond the serious concerns you raised on this free-trade agreement, you clearly expressed the will to put the debate in a transparent way at the heart of the decision making process. We have conveyed similar preoccupations to yours several times with respect to our parliamentary activities. Indeed, what is at stake in CETA goes beyond a simple technical agreement on liberalization of goods and services: it has to do with our social and environmental norms, the regulatory capacity of public authorities and the independence of our justice.

By rejecting the ultimatum imposed by the European Commission and the various threats formulated in recent days, you managed to make visible a democratic vitality. Here and there, voices are raising and calling for reason. However reason cannot exist without thorough and informed debate made of conflicting arguments and which kind of democracy would be one in which decisions would be made in advance?

In the context of a profound democratic crisis, your position and political courage are exemplary. Listening and answering to civil society’s concerns are nowadays a necessity for all politicians because a democracy isolated from a vigorous civil society and without political representatives accountable is a democracy emptied of its substance.


  1. Isabella ADINOLFI – EFDD (IT)
  2. Laura AGEA – EFDD (IT)
  4. Martina ANDERSON – GUE/NGL (UK)
  5. Marie ARENA – S&D (BE)
  6. Guillaume BALAS – S&D (FR)
  7. Hugues BAYET – S&D (BE)
  8. Tiziana BEGHIN – EFDD (IT)
  10. Malin BJÖRK – GUE/NGL (SE)
  11. Lynn BOYLAN – GUE/NGL (IR)
  12. Klaus BUCHNER – Greens/EFA (DE)
  13. Matt CARTHY – GUE/NGL (IR)
  14. Fabio Massimo CASTALDO – EFDD (IT)
  15. Nessa CHILDERS – S&D (IR)
  17. Sergio COFFERATI – S&D (IT)
  18. Javier COUSO PERMUY – GUE/NGL (SP)
  19. Karima DELLI – Greens/EFA (FR)
  20. Fabio DE MASI – GUE/NGL (DE)
  21. Stefan ECK – GUE/NGL (DE)
  22. Bas EICKHOUT- Greens/EFA (NL)
  23. Jill EVANS – Greens/EFA (UK)
  24. Eleonora FORENZA – GUE/NGL (IT)
  26. Thomas HÄNDEL – GUE/NGL (DE)
  27. Martin HÄUSLING – Greens/EFA (DE)
  28. Anja HAZEKAMP – GUE/NGL (NL)
  29. Maria HEUBUCH – Greens/EFA (DE)
  30. Yannick JADOT – Greens/EFA (FR)
  31. Eva JOLY – Greens/EFA (FR)
  32. Agnes JONGERIUS – S&D (NL)
  34. Rina Ronja KARI – GUE/NGL (DK)
  35. Ska KELLER – Greens/EFA (DE)
  36. Jan KELLER – S&D (CZ)
  37. Kateřina KONEČNÁ – GUE/NGL (CZ)
  38. Dietmar KÖSTER – S&D (DE)
  39. Stelios KOULOGLOU – GUE/NGL (GR)
  40. Kostadinka KUNEVA – GUE/NGL (GR)
  41. Merja KYLLÖNEN – GUE/NGL (FI)
  42. Philippe LAMBERTS – Greens/EFA (BE)
  43. Patrick LE HYARIC – GUE/NGL (FR)
  45. Sabine LÖSING – GUE/NGL (DE)
  46. Curzio MALTESE – GUE/NGL (IT)
  47. Ernest MARAGALL- Greens/EFA (SP)
  48. Florent MARCELLESI – Greens/EFA (SP)
  49. Edouard MARTIN – S&D (FR)
  50. Jiří MAŠTÁLKA – GUE/NGL (CZ)
  51. Marisa MATIAS – GUE/NGL (PT)
  52. Emmanuel MAUREL – S&D (FR)
  53. Jean-Luc MELENCHON – GUE/NGL (FR)
  54. Tamás MESZERICS – Greens/EFA (HUN)
  55. Martina MICHELS – GUE/NGL (DE)
  56. Liadh NÍ RIADA – GUE/NGL (IR)
  57. Maria NOICHL – S&D (DE)
  58. Younous OMARJEE – GUE/NGL (FR)
  59. Pier Antonio PANZERI – S&D (IT)
  60. Dimitrios PAPADIMOULIS – GUE/NGL (GR)
  61. Gilles PARGNEAUX – S&D (FR)
  62. Georgi PIRINSKI – S&D (BG) 63. Soraya POST – S&D (SE)
  63. Michel REIMON – Greens/EFA (AT)
  64. Claude ROLIN – PPE (BE)
  65. Virginie ROZIERE – S&D (FR)
  66. Sofia SAKORAFA – GUE/NGL (GR)
  67. María Dolores Lola SÁNCHEZ CALDENTEY – GUE/NGL (SP)
  68. Helmut SCHOLZ – GUE/NGL (DE)
  69. Molly SCOTT-CATO – Greens/EFA (UK)
  70. Maria Lídia SENRA RODRÍGUEZ – GUE/NGL (SP)
  71. Igor ŠOLTES, Greens/EFA (SL)
  72. Barbara SPINELLI – GUE/NGL (IT)
  73. Bart STAES – Greens/EFA (BE)
  74. Dario TAMBURRANO – EFDD (IT) 76. Marc TARABELLA – S&D (BE)
  75. Keith TAYLOR – Greens/EFA (UK)
  76. Josep-Maria TERRICABRAS – Greens/EFA (SP)
  77. Isabelle THOMAS – S&D (FR)
  78. Estefanía TORRES MARTÍNEZ – GUE/NGL (SP)
  79. Claude TURMES – Greens/EFA (LU)
  80. Ernest URTASUN – Greens/EFA (SP)
  81. Marco VALLI – EFDD (IT)
  82. Kathleen VAN BREMPT – S&D (BE)
  83. Marie Christine VERGIAT – GUE/NGL (FR)
  84. 86.Tatjana ŽDANOKA – Greens/EFA (LV)
  85. Gabi ZIMMER – GUE/NGL (DE)
  86. Marco ZULLO – EFDD (IT)
  87. Gabi ZIMMER – GUE/NGL (DE)
  88. Marco ZULLO – EFDD (IT)