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Childers hails EU Parliament consent to UN Climate Change convention #ParisAgreement

Press Release

Tuesday 4 Oct 2016

“Today’s consent vote in the European Parliament is a momentous step that will finally make the Paris climate agreement a reality”, said Nessa Childers, MEP for Dublin and a full Member of Parliament’s Environment Committee.

Hailing this afternoon’s overwhelming approval, by 610 MEPs, of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change agreed in Paris last year, Ms. Childers said:

“Those of us who have been following this process closely have suffered through many years of global climate summits where urgently needed consensus for action had eluded us.

“While we’re consumed by more immediate concerns, it is easy to forget or to belittle the urgency of finally stalling the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, before global temperatures tip over a level that will usher in catastrophic disruption beyond our control.

“Now that we have unblocked the ratification of the agreement by the EU, in the presence of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, the Council of Member States will follow suit and we can have it formalised at the UN headquarters in New York by Friday.

“This means the agreement will be in force by the time the next climate summit happens in a months’ time, and its implementation will be put to the test.

“We have lost a decade in failures to set goals and means to reach them, as must be realised by efforts to make sizeable investment in energy transition and higher pricing of carbon emissions, just no name a few.

“On top of that, even if we make good on our collective commitments, that is still not good enough to keep temperatures from rising below 2 degrees Celsius.

“We must keep working together and acknowledge that fundamental choices in the very near future will determine the survival of the species.

Just tinkering with innovative technologies and hoping that some miraculous breakthrough will come along soon enough will simply not be up to this existential task.”