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Government challenge to EU Apple tax decision shows lack of self-confidence #AppleTax

Press Release

Tuesday 30 Aug 2016

Independent Dublin MEP, Nessa Childers has strongly welcomed the European Commission’s findings against tax benefits granted in Ireland to the Apple corporation.

“However I am utterly puzzled at the Irish Government’s plans to challenge this ruling in the European court. Are we so lacking in self-confidence in our abilities to attract FDI that we need to provide fractions of 1% through corporate tax deals to have companies move here?

“Instead of challenging the European Commission’s ruling today, the Irish Government should recognise the sheer injustice involved in these special deals, including the immense damage they cause to people’s trust in government and public administration, and the losses to public service provision from the uncollected revenue.

“The changing attitudes regarding corporate taxation across the EU will not go away, and the Irish Government and Fine Gael needs to understand this new consensus!

“The European Commission argue that these types of tax arrangement are simply illegal, and this sends a clear message both to the multinationals and to the member states which conclude tax deals at the expense of others.

“Furthermore, other member states throughout the EU will be looking into this case and determine whether they might be eligible to recover lost taxes from Apple as well, and this will further weaken the Irish Governments position in defence of the special Apple tax deal.

“Last June I welcomed and voted in favour of the European Parliament report prepared by the special committee on tax rulings, which included a raft of recommendations for fairer and more transparent corporate taxation. MEPs supporting these measures want to ensure payment of tax owed where profits are made, that double non-taxation loopholes are plugged, and that intra-company loans are not made to evade taxation.