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Peace process and Ireland’s trade links with UK will require special care in any future EU / UK deal

News item

Wednesday 29 Jun 2016

Speaking in Brussels at a debate in her political group the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Independent MEP Nessa Childers said that more than any other country Ireland has the most to lose from the Brexit vote.

“While it will be the job of the Irish government to set out clearly what policies Ireland needs to protect our interests, Ireland’s must cause stay firmly on the Socialists’ agenda. That the peace process and Ireland’s deep trade links with the UK will need to be protected.
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As UK votes to Leave – EU must listen and respond to issues raised during campaign, says Childers

Press Release

Friday 24 Jun 2016

Independent MEP for Dublin, Nessa Childers, said there cannot be a ‘business as usual’ response from the EU institutions following Brexit vote. “The electorate’s reaction must give us serious pause for thought about how our citizens perceive the current direction of EU policy and the impacts of austerity as an economic orthodoxy. Read More

Nessa Childers MEP Speech 28th May 2016: “European Migration: Causes and Effects” National College of Ireland


Wednesday 22 Jun 2016

“European Migration: Causes and Effects” 

We have grown accustomed, for almost a decade now, to see the European Union as project mired in crisis and uncertainty. We have seen how the financial and economic challenges of our day were exacerbated and made more intractable by the gap between our ambitions for a common space and the outcomes of incomplete policies and dynamics between institutions that span national frontiers without subsuming them. Read More