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#newsocracy – conference hosted by Nessa Childers

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Monday 30 May 2016

‘Who owns the news? countdown to ‪#‎newsocracy‬ – my conference on safeguarding journalism, media ownership & democracy, being held this Friday 3rd June in Dublin.’

‘News production is not like any other business – it helps us form opinions, decide who to vote for and impacts strongly on our day-to-day decision-making – its relation to democracy is immense.   Please click here to include your name on our waiting list.’

Newsocracy newspaperBackground

This all-day conference will question the concept of media diversity and ownership in both online and traditional print media – and explore the implications for traditional notions of democratic accountability and journalistic independence. To seek an answer to these questions and explore issues around ownership and challenges presented by online news sources two pieces of research will be launched on the day. The research undertaken by Nessa Childers in partnership with the Institute For Future Media and Journalism (FUJO / DCU) examines the relationship between large media shareholders and media content through coverage of a number of news stories in Ireland between the years 2012 to 2015 – and the second piece of research looks at how social media affects different news organisations differently through a series of interviews with these organisations to find out about their experiences.