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Nessa Childers MEP to speak at launch of new Democracy in Europe Movement: Berlin 9 Feb #DiEM25

Press Release

Monday 8 Feb 2016

The launch of the new movement draws together activists & politicians from across Europe and includes former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Yaroufakis as one of its founders.

Dublin Independent MEP, Nessa Childers will speak in Berlin at the formal launch tomorrow evening of the new Democracy in Europe Movement.

The event will be live streamed and takes place in the Volksbühne theatre in central Berlin following a day of debate and discussion involving more than fifty representatives from across Europe.

Ms Childers strongly welcomed the initiative: ‘The movement poses the fundamental question of how to save democracy in Europe, claiming that unless the European Union is democratised it will disintegrate.

‘In Ireland we have experienced first-hand a loss of social caring and democracy in the lack of support for ordinary citizens in the bank bailout deal organised by the EU and the ECB. The deal blatantly favoured the multinational financial institutions over the citizens who now carry a huge legacy debt not of their making.

Economist David McWilliams and Brendan Ogle of the Right to Change campaign will also attend the day’s discussion.


Contact: Bronwen Maher 087-784 1937 / Mário Monteiro de Sá +32-474 08 80 19

Venue: Volksbühne Berlin


Read DiEM’s manifesto for democratising Europe here: www.diem25.org

Programme of events: varoufakis.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/diem-berlin-plan-of-the-day-9-feb-2016.pdf