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Vote for strong action on biodiversity welcome #NatureAlert

Press Release

Wednesday 3 Feb 2016

Independent MEP Nessa Childers has welcomed the vote on the EU Biodiversity Strategy in Strasbourg this week.

MEPs supported the report by a large majority and speaking after the vote Ms Childers said: ‘We need stronger not weaker Nature Directives and these should be better implemented, not revised’

This is especially important as the European Commission are undertaking a so called fitness test of the Birds and Habitats Directive. The assumption being that these directives are too restrictive.

The European Parliament’s mid term review of the EU Biodiversity strategy stated that the 2020 biodiversity targets will not be achieved without additional efforts, while existing EU Nature Directives should be better implemented instead of being revised; and that missing its biodiversity goals would cost the EU an estimated 50 billion a year.

‘Food production and tourism and two major contributors to Ireland’s economy, and these are linked to nature and our clean green image. It would be unthinkable that we do not protect the very thing that makes our county so attractive.

Ms Childers is a supporter of the Nature Alert campaign

For full details of the European Parliament report please follow this link: