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Parliament should reject flawed diesel emissions testing -Childers

Press Release

Wednesday 20 Jan 2016

Dublin MEP Nessa Childers remains unmoved on her intention reject flawed proposals for the introduction of driving emissions tests which should measure real driving conditions.

Speaking after a debate held this week in the European Parliament with the EU Commissioner for the internal market, Ms. Childers, who objected to the proposals at the initial vote in Parliament’s Environment and Public Health Committee, said:

“The Commission and Member States remain invested in stalling serious action to cut down on road traffic emissions which stand at dangerous levels and prematurely claim hundreds of thousands of lives.

“Meanwhile, the ‘dieselgate’ plot keeps unfolding, as just today another car manufacturer announced a vehicle recall over failed emissions testing, and news broke out about yet another car maker tinkering with its software.

“Later in the week, this Parliament will appoint a special committee of enquiry on emission measurements in the automotive sector.

“By absolutely every account, this would be a time to reject half-measures.

“All the more so when we have before us a technical proposal from the Commission, endorsed by EU countries’ own technical experts, which would allow nitrogen oxide emissions twice as large as the legal limits we set in the EU until the end of a decade, and excessive margins of errors from then onwards.

“This is, in fact, an attempt passing a watered-down law in the guise of a technical measure, rather than at fleshing it out. It is a step backwards on standards we set down years ago, and one the Commission has no right to make.

“If the Commission does not announce a review in the meantime, I hope a majority of my colleagues will join me in rejecting these measures at next month’s plenary session.”