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European Parliament calls for release of Ibrahim Halawa

Press Release

Thursday 17 Dec 2015

The European Parliament voted on a human rights urgency resolution today calling for the release of young Dublin man Ibrahim Halawa.

Ms Childers said she strongly welcomed the parliaments support for the Halawa family, and in particular Fine Gael’s support for this human rights urgency resolution and asks that they bring this sense of urgency back to the Government at home.

Speaking during the debate Childers said that this is an issue of human rights and rights of the child because of Ibrahim’s when he was arrested.

“This has wider implications than the Halawa case as we do not know how many other children are in prison in Egypt”

“Ibrahim is the same age as my son and I can’t help but relate to him because of this and how young he was when first arrested. There is a real need for this urgency – if he is convicted when his trial is eventually heard, Ibrahim could be sentenced to death.

“There was support from all the Irish MEPs and the major political groups in the parliament, and in particular I want to thank my group the Socialists and Democrats for their speedy response to the need for this resolution.

“Commissioner Christos Stylianides also spoke during the debate and expressed his continuing support. This high level support along with the parliament’s vote on this human rights urgency resolution calling for release of Ibraham is I hope another step towards achieving his release.

Ibrahim Halawa’s case was considered as a human rights Urgency Resolution for a number of reasons

  • He is an EU and Irish citizen, who has been detained without trial for over two years,
  • Ibrahim is one of 420 defendants facing a mass trial which was recently postponed, for the 10th time.
  • Further to an assessment of his case, Amnesty international has declared Ibrahim a prisoner of conscience, defended his innocence, denounced his prison conditions and highlighted the length of his detention, in contravention of the Egyptian judicial system’s own rules.
  • Previous convictions secured in such mass trials have been secured in the absence of credible evidence and even access to lawyers.
  • Although he has not been charged, he is being accused of the intention to participate in a protest and of taking part in the barricading of a mosque.