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Childers welcomes vote to reject Commission’s proposals to allow lower car emission test limits

Press Release

Monday 14 Dec 2015

Dublin Independent MEP, Nessa Childers welcomed this evening’s vote to reject the European Commission’s proposals to allow lower car emission test limits.

The European Parliament’s environment committee this evening voted to reject a decision to introduce ‘real driving emissions’ (RDE) tests for measuring compliance with EU car pollution limits.

MEPs were critical of the Commission and the Council of EU Ministers for their technical proposals on driving emissions tests that will dilute the decade-old Euro 6 standards.

Speaking after the vote Ms Childers said: “The automobile industry cannot be allowed to keep influencing how public policies affect these industrial giants. This issue of lowering emissions standards has a serious impact on respiratory health, and raises questions about corporate governance at the heart of Europe.

“We cannot just pay lip service to the principles we are supposed to uphold – this would only validate people’s genuine fears of regulatory capture of institutions of government by big corporations.

“It’s just not acceptable. We must not keep turning a blind eye to a cause of respiratory illnesses which prematurely claim people’s lives.