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How industry lobbying effects public health


Wednesday 21 Oct 2015

Industry lobbying is effective and well resourced, and as a result influences what decisions are made at EU level. The chemical industry sector has a proven track record of slowing down policy and law making processes, exaggerating the economic impact of public interest regulations and trying to skew our perceptions of the state of the art on scientific research on health risks. Read More

Childers reminds Irish NGOs, business and PR professionals to sign the Register of Lobbyists

News item

Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

‘Meeting your MEP is an integral part of democracy, and it’s an important component of the MEPs work. Individuals can, and indeed should expect the Irish and EU decision-making process to be as transparent and open as possible.  So make sure your organisation is registered and become part of an open and transparent lobbying system.’ Read More