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EU asylum and migrant process in chaos and disarray

Press Release

Wednesday 2 Sep 2015

‘It is obvious to everyone that the EU asylum process is in chaos and disarray. All member states, including Ireland must agree a permanent, secure and fair way to organise asylum and migration into the EU. This is urgently needed to protect the migrants and refugees’ human rights and to respect the right to asylum.’ said Nessa Childers MEP in advance of next week’s European Parliament session in Strasbourg.

Ms Childers says we must replace the Dublin Regulation with a coherent immigration and asylum policy which would include:

  • An accessible EU asylum seeker system
  • Points of access centres funded and maintained at EU level
  • To establish legal methods of travel to seek asylum in the EU
  • Green card scheme for residents outside EU to come to live and work in EU

‘In the long run, the European Union should call for an international summit involving the main actors such as the UN, Turkey, Russia, and responsible North African countries to find a credible lasting solution.

But there needs to be political will for this to happen.  Asylum and immigration policy is a matter for the member states at the European Council, but at least there appears to be at last a sense of urgency about the situation.

Everyone will benefit if we change how we deal with migration and asylum, in particular it will prevent exploitation and protect workers in the member states.

Next week in Strasbourg, on the 10 September MEPs are to vote on a binding emergency mechanism to relocate 40,000 asylum seekers currently living in Italy and Greece to other EU member states. In addition more initiatives are expected in the coming months and this will be discussed in detail in Strasbourg.

Member states’ justice and interior ministers will meet in Brussels on 14 September to discuss the next steps while the European Commission is expected to propose a permanent asylum seeker relocation mechanism within the EU and a revision of the Dublin Regulation to ensure a fair distribution of asylum seekers in the EU.


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