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MEP Childers supports strong EU wide response to allegations of high-level corruption cases in FIFA

Press Release

Thursday 11 Jun 2015

Independent MEP, Nessa Childers, welcomes today’s vote in the European Parliament which responds to the FIFA corruption scandal: “I support calls that Sept Blatter immediately step down and be replaced by an interim leader, that the Qatar 2022 decision is re-run and that the World Cup is only held in countries respectful of human and social rights.

“The European Parliament resolution on FIFA is detailed and points out the treaty commitments to security and fighting crime, and underlines the utmost importance of the investigation by the Swiss and US justice systems into the decision by FIFA’s Executive Committee to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar respectively.

“The parliament’s resolution calls on the Commission, in coordination with Member States and in cooperation with Interpol, Europol and Eurojust, to take all appropriate measures to tackle any possible indication of corruption on the part of FIFA officials on EU territory; the resolution also cites the important role of sport in society and is detailed and strongly worked regarding need for FIFA to reform.

This week’s debate and vote in Strasbourg on FIFA follows revelations of wide-spread corruption at the International Football Federation and also includes a call that a country’s human rights record must be considered before choosing a venue for international sports.

Ms Childers said: “Corruption and scandals are obviously bad for the integrity of sport and it is wrong when national authorities look away when there are human rights abuses associated to sporting events, and I am speaking here about the widespread reports of labour abuses in Qatar”.


Note to Editor – Text of Joint Motion for Resolution