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Next week in Strasbourg MEPs will vote on parliament’s official position on #TTIP & #ISDS

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Friday 5 Jun 2015

MEPs will vote in the European Parliament on a text with their official position on the ongoing TTIP talks at next week’s plenary session, and the final trade deal must have support from a majority of MEPs in a vote in a plenary session.

This week, Nessa has tabled an amendment, together with like-minded colleagues, demanding that Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms be excluded from the trade agreement, on the grounds that the judicial systems in place in the EU are perfectly adequate, and that foreign investors should not be granted more rights than other persons and entities under our jurisdictions.

This is an absolute redline for Nessa, who has publicly committed to reject the final text of the agreement if it includes a parallel, private arbitration panel that only foreign multinationals can have recourse to.

To encourage debate about this issue, Nessa is held a seminar on Friday 17th April in Dublin. Please follow this link for a full video record of the day’s speeches and audience Q&A:


The following link will take you to a copy of Nessa’s speech delivered at the beginning of the seminar:


Furthermore you may be interested in reading Nessa’s media statements about TTIP, ISDS and lack of transparency around the negotiations: