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Invitation: Addressing Climate Change Issues Facing Our Coast

Press Release

Sunday 15 Mar 2015

Addressing Climate Change Issues Facing Our Coast
With Coastwatch Survey Results Launch and Follow Up Action Workshop

European Parliament Offices Dublin – 20th March 2015

This Event is to celebrate Coastwatch autumn 2014 survey results around the island of Ireland, examine what they say about the health and management of our coast and then explore action especially in light of climate change in the context of EU and national law and practise.

For: Coastwatch surveyors, regional coordinators, lawyers, scientists, coast users and authorities

11.15 – 11.45 Registration and Coffee

11.45 – 12.00 Chair 1: Michael Walsh – Coastwatch

Welcome address with launch of Coastwatch Autumn 2014 survey results. Ms Nessa Childers MEP

12.00 – 12.30 Result overview, – Karin Dubsky international coordinator, Monica Mc Card NI coordinator Queens University

12.30 – 12.40 Some key EU, RoI and NI law and policy to consider. Dr. Anne-Marie O Hagan UCC.

12.40 – 12.50 An introduction to the afternoon programme by workgroup facilitators

12.50 -1.45 Buffet Lunch hosted by Nessa Childers

1.45 – 3.00 Parallel work groups with short input papers followed by facilitated discussion and proposals for follow up action

A – Coastal spatial planning, protection, a new Foreshore Act, practical advice. Coastal land focus: dunes erosion; sea focus on habitats and species close to shore.

B – Wilder weather and marine waste; tackling select marine litter issues at source. Case studies: Bray landfill, polystyrene, aquaculture, drinks containers and balloons.

3.00 – 3.20 Coffee break

3.20 – 4.00 Coastwatchers present points of note and concern, successes, ideas and plans.

4.00 – 4.30 Presentation of work group outcomes (5 min each) and creating a priority list of follow up actions.

4.30 – 4.45 Round up, next steps, thank you and draw of Citclops Survey holiday.

4.45 Official Close

Acknowledgements: The survey data presented has been gathered by volunteers from Ireland N and S. We thank all surveyors, regional coordinators and Coastwatch core team volunteers. Also a big thank you to the Dept. of the Environment grant towards survey costs and Nessa Childers MEP for hosting this workshop.

Contact and to register: www.coastwatch.org Further info: Karin Dubsky 086 8111 684

20th March 2015, parallel session 1.45 – 3.00 pm

Addressing Climate Change Issues Facing Our Coast and Tackling Marine Litter At source

A – Coastal planning and climate change.

Facilitator: Karin Dubsky Coastwatch – Rapporteur: Conor Pyle Coastwatch/TCD
A new Foreshore Act, and marine conservation zones. Coastal land focus is on dunes; their status, role, protection introduced by case studies.
Introduction of Coastal erosion, hard and soft coast and present policy.
LAND Dunes Case – Status, role, protection, with case studies. Aim: Halting Dune loss & restoring.

Case 1: Tinnaberna dune restoration – Paul Laird CW Wexford

Case 2: Akeragh lough Co. Kerry, a starving dune, Pat Lawlor Coastwatch Kerry

Examples from the floor

Discussion: Towards effective management and restoration follow up.

SEA and SEA/LAND interphase
What is happening to inshore areas with climate change and extra use pressures?
Sea grass habitats of Lough Foyle – Trish Murphy
Discussion including transboundary MPAs

B – Tackling select marine litter at source.

Facilitator: Dr Paul Johnson Civil and Environmental Engineering TCD

Overview of sources from land and sea prioritised by CW and draft action proposals (Hit list circulated – possible actions presented in case studies)

Case 1: The eroding Bray dump – Roselyn Shaw Coastwatch DL and Sean McKee
Case 2: More aquaculture, more storms more waste – Mark Daly
Case 3: Balloons – Ashley Shak NEU University intern with Coastwatch