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Childers visits Cairde health and advocacy centre in Balbriggan

News item

Wednesday 18 Feb 2015

Nessa Childers, Independent MEP for Dublin, visited Cairde in Balbriggan today to meet health care and advocacy workers, and members of the Balbriggan Integration Forum.  

‘Housing and homelessness, accessing health care, and English language classes for secondary students and their parents are the key issues facing the new communities living and working in the Balbriggan area.’

Attending the meeting were:

Marianna Prontera, Cairdre

Betsy Abu, Balbriggan Integration Forum

Mijole Radjiene, Balbriggan Integration Forum

Bridie O Reilly, Balgriggan Integration Forum, Social Group

Dr. Sarah Duku, Cairde

Emilia Marchelewska, Cairde