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Support an end to live animal exports from the EU

Press Release

Thursday 11 Dec 2014

Nessa Childers MEP has given her support to the Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) campaign to stop the export of live farm animals from the EU to countries outside the EU, where they face brutal slaughter conditions.

CIWF need as many MEPs to join the campaign as possible, and Nessa Childers is also calling on the general public to support this campaign. You can take the follow steps:

1.    Please write to Commissioners Andriukaitis, Hogan and Malmstrom.    Ask them to take urgent steps to bring to an end the export of live animals to third countries.  Say that in the meantime the EU must:

·         ensure that, once they leave the EU, exported animals are transported and slaughtered in accordance with the OIE standards on animal welfare

·         help third countries improve their slaughter standards

2.    Please write to the Secretary-General of the UECBV which is the Brussels-based body that represents livestock and meat traders.  Explain that a trade that entails so much suffering is totally unacceptable.  Urge UECBV to press its members to end these exports.  UECBV’s address is: 81A, rue de la Loi (box 9), 4th floor 1040 Brussels. Email: info@uecbv.eu

3.    Please write to the Minister for Agriculture and call on them to halt any exports of live animals out of the EU.