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MEPs vote for recognition of Palestine

Press Release

Wednesday 17 Dec 2014

Following the large vote of the European Parliament in favour of the resolution for the recognition of the Palestinian state, the Socialists and Democrats Group stressed the importance of this outcome for the peace process.  Nessa Childers said the outcome comes as a result of the S&D Group’s determination in pursuing this resolution, with the conviction that this will reinforce the tide of recognition among member states. Read More

Childers welcomes new rules for palm oil labelling

News item

Monday 15 Dec 2014

‘Very pleased to report that palm oil labelling came into law in each EU country on Saturday 13th December.  I introduced this major piece of new legislation in 2010, the labelling allows NGOs to raise awareness among European consumers of the negative environmental and social effects of the deforestation and massive palm tree plantations in Asia’. Read More