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Strong measures needed to prevent violence against women –Childers

Press Release

Tuesday 25 Nov 2014

In Europe, 33% of women have suffered some form of sexual violence since the age of 15. Many women are victims of abuse and violence whose magnitude is underestimated by the national authorities.  These are the conclusions of a report produced in March 2014 by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. 

Speaking in advance of a debate this afternoon in Strasbourg, Childers said: “We need strong measures to prevent violence against women across Europe.  In Ireland we see funding cuts, under the mantra of austerity, for refuges and support groups.  While the Government may say all the right things about gender based violence, it sees no conflict when cutting funding for vital supports”.

“Today is the International day for the fight against violence against women. Nothing can justify that one in three women in Europe is a victim of sexual abuse and / or physical violence.

“It is high time that Europe adopts a more proactive policy with regard to this abuse happening in our society.   My political grouping is calling for the ratification of the Istanbul Convention by all EU countries; a legal framework to combat violence against women as requested by the Parvanova report voted early 2014. We also call for urgent actions to raise awareness of this abuse such as a ‘European year for combating violence against women’.

Tomorrow, Dr. Mukwege who has treated thousands of women who have suffered as victims of rape and other violence will receive the Sakharov Prize from the president of the European Parliament. We commend his fight against violence against women and his courage.”


Note to editors:

The Council of Europe’s Istanbul Convention on action against violence against women came into force on 1 August 2014. To date, 14 member states of the Council of Europe have ratified the convention and only 8 EU member states (Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Sweden).

Nessa Childers is an alternative member of the European Parliament Womens Rights and Gender Equality Committee