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Promoting mental health and wellbeing- coping with chronic underfunding of mental health services

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Monday 15 Sep 2014

“Counselling psychology:  Contributing to Mental Health & Well-being” – A one day conference celebrating 25 years of counselling psychology training in Ireland.

Good afternoon.  It is a real pleasure to be invited to speak to you today about mental health and well-being in  Irish society, and how we should promote it.  In my short speech I will briefly look at what is happening at EU level, and then describe the type of service I believe would help to support a culture whereby people are allowed to care and speak openly about their mental health. Read More

Childers raises reservations concerning former Minister Hogan’s suitability as next Irish Commissioner

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Tuesday 2 Sep 2014

The following is the text of the letter to Members of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament from Nessa Childers MEP, regarding the nomination of Mr. Phil Hogan as Commissioner-designate by the Irish government.  In her letter the Independent MEP states: “I harbour serious reservations concerning Mr. Hogan’s suitability to be a member of the College of Commissioners, at the helm of the European Union’s executive body”.  Nessa Childers letter regarding Phil Hogan’s nomination to EU Commission