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EU leadership dangerously lacking ambition on climate, energy dependency

Press Release

Wednesday 23 Jul 2014

“Today’s announcement by the European Commission of a non-binding target for energy savings is worrying and deeply disappointing”, Nessa Childers MEP said today.

Ms. Childers was speaking from Brussels this afternoon, where she attended the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee of the European Parliament, in reaction to the EU Commission’s proposal of a voluntary, 30% target by 2030:
“We are lagging behind our indicative target of 20% energy efficiency gains for the year 2020, and the Commission comes out with yet another weak and unenforceable target for a decade later.

“The Commission fears serious resistance from some Member States but if they don’t show leadership with ambitious proposals they shouldn’t bother kicking the can down the road without any realistic means to ensure that this goal will be met.”

“The Commission itself has estimates that a binding 40% target could bring about 4% yearly growth rates and generate comparable employment gains, not to mention the savings in fossil fuel imports to the tune of €500 billion a year.
“Conflict is raging on our eastern border. We could have no starker reminder of our vulnerable position as an energy dependent region, which has paralysed our efforts to help bring it to an end.

“What sort of cataclysmic event will it take for our EU leadership to take decisive action, even in the long term?”