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Government must not take a business as usual approach to choosing next Irish Commissioner

Press Release

Wednesday 2 Jul 2014

Newly re-elected Dublin Independent MEP, Nessa Childers, said that the Irish government must not take a ‘business as usual’ approach to appointing the next Irish Commissioner.

Speaking from Strasbourg Ms Childers said: The Government will shortly choose the next Commissioner from Ireland and this is a chance to act on the strong message delivered at the recent local and European election.

‘There was a clear mandate given to the European candidates who opposed austerity. To regain public trust in politics we also need a Commissioner who is not encumbered by association to both this government and the last government.

‘The government could send a strong signal that it is prepared to bring about the political reform promised in the programme for government, and choose someone from outside their ranks. Instead of narrowing the field to the likes of Eamon Gilmore and Phil Hogan, the government should consider choosing an independent woman, to improve gender balance in the make-up of the Commission, and who will stand up for people in Ireland and across Europe

‘In the parliament and in the commission, Ireland needs representatives who are not afraid to deliver on the Irish bank debt and work towards an EU wide job creation strategy