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Nessa Childers MEP emerges from Dublin constituency pack to claim the second seat

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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Nessa Childers MEP was this evening officially re-elected to the European Parliament for a second five-year term, following a dramatic recount in Dublin prompted by pipped-to-the-post Green Party leader Eamon Ryan.

Nessa speaking to the media when she arrives at Count Centre, 26 May.

Nessa speaking to the media when she arrives at Count Centre, 26 May.

‘I always knew that to win a European seat in the capital was going to be extremely difficult,’ Ms Childers said this evening from the RDS, where final recounts have been taking place. After all, it was a field that included three sitting MEPs, as well as a Junior Minister and a current party leader.

‘And that is before I mention the strong calibre of the rest of my fellow candidates – and in particular those championing an anti-austerity message. ’

Despite being written-off by many mainstream media outlets in favour of former government minister Mr Ryan, Ms Childers came second in the three-seat Dublin constituency, slotting in behind Lynn Boylan of Sinn Fein, but ahead of Fine Gael’s much-fancied Brian Hayes.

She added: ‘I am delighted that the people of Dublin have supported my campaign so emphatically, and have entrusted in me another five-year term out in Brussels.’

Ms Childers said she was particularly pleased at the impressive way in which independents and those from non-establishment parties had performed – both at European and local level.

‘From the outset, I have championed those of us running for election without the big party machine behind us. It is wonderful to see those candidates do so well. I think it only confirms that independents are now a significant force to be reckoned with every step of the way, be that local, national or European.

‘The will of this State has shifted – and for my next term there is no denying that I inherit a transforming political environment.’

The Dubliner continued: ‘Mine was a grassroots campaign – one that relied heavily on the ordinary voters who supported me in their tens of thousands. I am indebted to them and will continue to represent their interest with integrity and honesty.’

Ms Childers, who lives in Clonskeagh and has two adult children, went on to say: ‘I look forward to working with Lynn Boylan and Brian Hayes – as well as the rest of Ireland’s 11 MEPs – but truly, all of us will now have to fight tooth and nail to ensure that Ireland can properly emerge from the ghosts of austerity.

‘Because I want to now really change the way the people of this country are represented out in Brussels. And looking at those of us who now represent Ireland in Europe, I am confident of taking significant strides towards achieving great things.’