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Childers launches Irish language canvassing card

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Wednesday 30 Apr 2014

With the closing date for inclusion to the voting substitute list now just a week away, Nessa Childers MEP has released two newsletters online in both the Irish and Polish languages.
‘It was very important to me to have the key messages of my candidacy conveyed in more than just English,’ the independent politician said. ‘I know of many families in the Dublin area who have children attending Gaelscoileanna and who try to really champion the Irish language at home. I hope being able to access information about my campaign as Gaeilge will be of particular benefit to them.’
She added: ‘And Irish is, of course, the national and first official language of this country, as well as an official and working language of the EU since January 2007.’
Recently, Poland celebrated ten years of EU membership. A total of 120,000 Polish nationals live in Ireland – with many opting to settle in and around the capital.
‘The Polish community is arguably the most prolific in Ireland. As a nation, we are so fortune that such talented, skilled and well-educated Poles have chosen to make Ireland their home. We need to celebrate this diversity – which is why I’ve also posted a newsletter in Polish on my website.’
European Parliament elections take place on May 23, with Nessa Childers running in the Dublin consistency, where a total of three out of Ireland’s 11 MEP seats are located.
Irish and European Union citizens still have time to add their names to the substitute voting list, which closes on Tuesday May 6. Ms Childers is urging all voters to view checktheregister.ie to confirm their voting status.
To view the election leaflet in Irish, click here: link