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Are YOU eating food secretly laced with GM strains?

Press Release

Wednesday 16 Apr 2014

We don’t always know what we’re eating – and Europe is failing to protect consumers from foods secretly laced with GM strains, Nessa Childers MEP warned today from Strasbourg.

‘We all need to face up to facts: bees that come into contact with GM crops are producing tainted food,’ the independent MEP said as Parliament voted to allow honey producers to continue to conceal potentially toxic elements of their produce.

‘Sadly, those of us walking into a supermarket will simply not know if the brand we’re buying contains GM strains because of a lack of transparency in this regard,’ Ms Childers added.

One recent Greenpeace study shows that pollen collected by bees is also contaminated with toxic cocktails of pesticides. The study, The Bees’ Burden, the largest ever carried out in Europe, found samples of pollen tainted with up to 17 chemicals.

Ms Childers continued: ‘In Ireland, we have a right to know exactly what we are eating. And I know I’m not alone in having serious concerns about the use, however slight, of genetically modified crops.’

Two of the main honey-producing member states – Spain and Romania – currently also have authorisation to produce GM maize.

‘My fear is that in this case, a lobbying campaign has been spearheaded by honey importers,’ Ms Childers said. ‘And the result is that ordinary people are being denied the opportunity to make informed choices about what they are eating.’