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Finally! The EU has torpedoed unreasonable roaming charges, says MEP Nessa Childers

Press Release

Thursday 3 Apr 2014

Irish people holidaying or working in another EU country will no longer arrive home to a hefty mobile phone bill – because the European Parliament is abolishing roaming charges.

Nessa Childers, independent MEP, said from Brussels shortly after the vote: ‘We all know of at least one horror story: somebody goes abroad, uses the internet to locate their hotel, calls home a couple of times – and then inadvertently they notch up charges totalling hundreds of euro.

‘This was tantamount to a scam on the part of the mobile phone operates – they made huge profits from the practise.’

She added: ‘Obviously I am delighted that the EU has ruled that from December of next year, these charges will be a thing of the past.

‘We’ve torpedoed roaming!’

‘These days, Irish customers have lots of options when it comes to choosing a mobile phone operator,’ Ms Childers also said. ‘And it’s up to all of us to ensure these companies don’t attempt to pile on additional domestic charges in lieu of the now abolished roaming fees.’

‘Of course,’ the MEP warned, ‘those of us going outside the EU will still have to keep on an eye on our phone usage. But it’s a good day for consumers when travellers to the European Union’s 28 member states will soon pay the exact same for calls, texts and internet use as they do at home.’