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Troika programmes breach EU Charter of Fundamental Rights says Independent MEP, Nessa Childers

Press Release

Thursday 13 Mar 2014

‘Serious, long-standing social problems have emerged because of the coldblooded actions of the Troika,’ Nessa Childers MEP said today as voting on the controversial programmes implemented in four EU countries – including Ireland – takes place in Strasbourg.
Ms Childers said the report’s findings prove that the Troika was undemocratic and unaccountable.
‘I strongly believe that this was nothing more than a merciless social experiment – and one that Ireland was on the receiving end of.
‘And I am bitterly disappointed that the report did not clearly state that Troika measures were a breach of the EU’s Charter Of Fundamental Rights.’
The report was presented dually by the Economic And Monetary, and the Employment And Social Affairs committees, who recently conducted their in-depth analysis in programme countries: Portugal, Greece and Spain as well as Ireland.  At the end of January and as part of this examination, a delegation arrived in Dublin to meet with Minister Michael Noonan, anti-poverty charities and trade unions.
‘The devastating conditions now experienced by ordinary people living in 21st century Ireland is just unacceptable,’ Ms Childers said in response.
‘Yes we all want a success story and no, none of us wants to be immersed in unnecessary doom and gloom. However, I don’t think burying our heads in the sand is the answer either.
‘Ireland is being presented as a great EU success story – as if sporadic praise from Angela Merkel et al would make up for the pain and suffering imposed on us.
‘And I really fear for the future of our small nation if success is measured in cuts to essential services, cuts to social welfare and the perpetuation of low-paid employment.’
Ms Childers added that while she welcomes and supports the report’s publication, it will make little difference unless MEPs from the bailed out nations continue to use it to to make their voices heard in parliament.
She concluded: ‘Let’s not forget, we can still get a write-down on our State’s massive debt, but we first need to make EU commissioners understand that what the Troika did to us was fundamentally wrong.’