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Quit Week reminds us that smokers need support to kick the habit, says MEP Nessa Childers

Press Release

Monday 3 Mar 2014

You’ll never regret kicking the habit, MEP Nessa Childers reminded smokers today as national quit smoking week gets underway.
‘Some 25 years ago, at the age of 32, I gave up smoking – and I haven’t looked back since,’ Ms Childers said. ‘It made a huge difference to my life then, and I continue to reap the health benefits now.’

Nessa with Smoke Free Partnership NGOs in Strasbourg before vote to control how cigarettes are marketed

With Smoke Free Partnership NGOs in Strasbourg

Irish Cancer Society research released to coincide with the awareness week shows that eight out of every ten smokers in this country wants to quit.
‘And crucially,’ the independent politician added, ‘the Government needs to do everything in its power to stop teenagers from picking up the habit in the first place.’
Health Minister James Reilly plans to make Ireland tobacco free by 2025. At the launch of the ambitious programme last October, he warned: ‘Approximately 5,200 Irish people die each year from diseases caused by smoking. These are all preventable, avoidable deaths’.
‘The research is clear,’ Ms Childers also said. ‘In Ireland, we are becoming increasingly less tolerant of smoking – and the right support should be in place for the large majority of those who now want to kick the habit for good.’
National No Smoking Day takes place on Wednesday.