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Nessa Childers says energy report commissioned by campaign group a ‘wake-up call’ for Government

Press Release

Friday 21 Feb 2014

The Independent MEP, Nessa Childers has welcomed the publication of a report commissioned by Rethink Pylon campaign organisation, titled The ‘Evaluation of Grid Link Stage 1 Report’ and authored by BW energy.  Among other findings, the ReThink Pylon expert report concludes that

– the case for Grid25 is without sound foundation.

– the project threatens to destabilize the national grid

– the project will burden both industry and households with needless electricity price increases with zero return.

Ms Childers said: “The Government must go back to the drawing board and re-think our approach to energy.  There is too much at stake, including damage to tourism, local enterprise and environmental degradation.”

“What I found most startling in the report, is that if the Government insists on continuing with its wind energy export plans, Irish householders and businesses will have to pick up the cost through higher energy bills.”

Ms Childers is meeting Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger in Strasbourg next week to outline her concerns about the Irish Governments wind energy and Gridlink strategy.

In a detailed letter to the Commission, Ms Childers said, ‘I wish to convey to you the extreme concern of many of my constituents, and my own concern, in relation to the manner in which these projects are being progressed by the Irish authorities.’  The MEP has also tabled a priority question to the Environment Commissioner seeking assurances that Ireland conduct proper environment impact assessments regarding these plans.

The MEP will also formally submit the ReThink Pylon report to the Commissioner.


For more information – Bronwen Maher 087-784 1937

The full expert report is available for download from  http://www.rethinkpylons.org/library/BWEnergyReport.pdf