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Kenny must restore public confidence by appointing full independent inquiry into whistle-blower and GSOC allegations

Press Release

Thursday 20 Feb 2014

Independent MEP Nessa Childers has called on Taoiseach Enda Kenny to show ‘real leadership’ and initiate an immediate full independent inquiry into the whistle-blower allegations of malpractice within An Garda Siochána and suspected GSOC surveillance.  Her call follows the sacking of Garda confidential recipient Oliver Connolly and the emerging allegations of Garda incompetence involving abduction, assault and murder that go way beyond mere penalty point cancellations.Nessa Childers MEP said today, “Minister Shatter is charged with overseeing justice, security and policing in this State but his behaviour is undermining our confidence in these very institutions. The inappropriate responses of Minister Shatter and Commissioner Callinan to the GSOC and whistle-blower allegations leave Enda Kenny would no other option but to initiate an immediate full inquiry into both allegations.”
“It is the Minister’s job when confronted with any doubts about the integrity of our police force and those who oversee it, to react sensibly and proportionately, allay any suspicions and fears and restore confidence. The Minister has singularly failed to do so. That is why Enda Kenny must act now.”
“Right from the start of the whistle-blower allegations, we have witnessed a pattern of denial and with GSOC, a serious attempt to move the story away from the bugging to the source of the leak. Even when Minister Shatter reluctantly caved into demands to hold a review of the GSOC bugging, he did so by rubbishing the GSOC claims. There are far bigger issues at stake here for all citizens yet to date all we have witnessed is a Minister constantly engaged in trench warfare, point-scoring and denial.”
Note to Editor


Nessa Childers has also brought the issue of data protection and GSOC to the attention of the European Commission as the EU’s E-Privacy Directive regulates confidentiality of information, the processing of data, span and cookies.  View here for more information.