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Nessa Childers launches campaign to contest the Dublin constituency in European Parliament elections this May

Press Release

Wednesday 29 Jan 2014

‘Dublin needs a strong independent, who is prepared to challenge the old established party thinking’

Ms Childers said today: “As an independent I can represent people without being stuck in the past, and stuck with the mistakes of the past – like the old establishment parties. The new European Parliament must have a majority of MEPs who prioritise job creation and health, as well as fairness and accountability in relation to issues such as balancing government account books or repaying money borrowed to bail out large banking corporations. My candidacy is a chance for everyone in Dublin to send a clear message to Europe and to the government here at home. “The message at the heart of my campaign will be that a divided society is an unstable society: that the mad drive to please international financiers is unravelling our right to a quality health service and adequate social protection for anyone who needs it. I am looking for support so that I can go back to Brussels and continue to work with other like-minded MEPs to build a real alternative to austerity.”

Ms Childers said she was not daunted by the challenge of taking on the major political parties in Dublin. ”When my constituency of Ireland East was dissolved in the new boundary changes, I had to make the difficult decision of where to stand, weighing up the many practical considerations. Ultimately I decided to run in Dublin, where I was a Green Party councillor on Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and member of the Dublin Regional Authority between the years 2004 to 2008.

“As an independent MEP I can make a real impact. Irish independent MEPs have an excellent track record in the European Parliament, for example my colleague Marian Harkin MEP has been a most effective representative for her constituency. And former independent MEP, Pat Cox, not only became president of his political group, but then went on to the president of the entire parliament.”

Ms Childers’ key policy platforms include:

  • A new European policy that prioritises job creation, supports self-employed and small business and promotes fairness and accountability
  • Access to quality health services as a right, not a privilege for the wealthy few
  • Writing off the €34 billion bankers’ gambling debts debt unfairly foisted on citizens
  • For more details about Nessa’s election policy platform visit www.nessachilders.ie

Note to Editor

Nessa Childers is a member of the European Parliament’s Environment Public Health and Food Safety Committee; is co-chair of the European Parliament Mental Health Interest Group and co-chair of MEPs Against Cancer.